The Complete Guide to Oman’s Multiple Entry Visa for UAE Residents

The only question you should be asking yourself is, what should I fit in my travel bag, and how do I make it fit? Because I am going to OMAN! The Oman Multiple Entry Visa, made available specially, for the GCC residents, is your answer to your – Is getting a Visa to Oman difficult?
Spoiler alert- Not as hard as you think!
Let’s talk about why getting a Visa or thinking about getting one, might be a problem.
Affordable? Check. Flexible? Check. Easy to get? Check. Allows repeated entries? Check. Check. Check.
If you are a UAE citizen, and you’re looking to get an Omani visa, stay. This is the place for you. This article is dedicated to making your travel, hassle and confusion free. The most important question of all is about the cost of the multiple entry visa, you’re about to find out just how pocket-friendly it can be, all with

What is a multiple-entry visa for Oman?

A multiple-entry visa allows you to enter the country more than once over a specific time frame, usually 1 year. With this type of visa, you can come and go from Oman multiple times within that year without having to apply for a whole new visa before each visit.
This is extremely useful if you need or want to make many short trips to Oman within a single year. For example, maybe you have family or business in Oman that requires you to visit 4-5 times over the next year. Or perhaps you simply love to explore Oman and plan multiple holidays there annually.
Whatever the reason, a multiple-entry visa saves you time and hassle as you don’t have to repeat the whole visa application process every single time. You apply once, get approved, and can then enter repeatedly for short trips during the visa’s validity period.

Can UAE Residents Get a Multiple Entry Visa for Oman in 2024?

Yes, citizens of the UAE who have a valid UAE residence permit can apply for and obtain an Oman multiple entry visa in 2024 and beyond.
As a UAE resident, this is a very convenient and flexible way of getting your hands on the visa. No matter if you are visiting for tourism, business, family, or other purposes, you can travel freely between the two GCC countries on a multiple-entry visa.
So in 2024 and future years, UAE ex-pats and even citizens can utilize this facility for easy short trips to Oman without new visa formalities before every entry. Whether 2 trips or 5, the single multiple entry visa issued in 2024 allows it provided the entries fall within its 1-year validity.

What Documents Do I Need for the Oman Multiple Entry Visa?

As a UAE resident applying for the Oman multiple entry visa, you need to prepare certain key documents. Having these properly in order ensures a smooth application process and faster approval.

Valid Passport:

Your passport must have at least 6 more valid months beyond the date you apply for the visa. This allows you to utilize the full 1-year validity of the multiple-entry visa hassle-free. Check now that your passport meets this condition before applying.

Passport Photo:

A clear, recent passport-sized photo with a white background is required. It must display your full face and should be in color. This will be uploaded online along with the e-visa application form.

Medical Insurance:

You need to purchase appropriate medical travel insurance that covers the entirety of your stay in Oman. Having a policy value of $100,000 is recommended as a minimum. This ensures any medical emergencies in Oman can be dealt with.

Bank Statement:

A copy of your recent bank statement helps show you have adequate financial means to fund your time in Oman. While requirements vary, having upward of $1000 in your account is generally sufficient.

UAE Residence Visa:

For UAE expats, you need your valid UAE residence permit allowing you legal residency status in the UAE. UAE citizens should show their Emirates ID instead.

How do I Apply for the Oman Multiple Entry Visa in 2024?

The process of applying for the 1-year multiple entry visa for Oman in 2024 and beyond is very straightforward for UAE expats. Everything can be done online in a few simple steps:

Step 1) Go to the Oman E-Visa Website

Visit the government's official visa website and create an account with your details to start the Oman e-visa application as a UAE resident.

Step 2) Complete the Online Form

Fill up the required sections of the digital application form accurately. Double-check details like your name, passport number, etc before submitting.

Step 3) Upload Documents

Attach soft copies of all the required documents like passport, UAE residence visa, photo, insurance, etc as prompted on the visa site.

Step 4) Check the Application Before the Submission

Review the entire visa application carefully before finally submitting it, to prevent delays or rejection.

Step 5) Pay Visa Fees Online

Use your debit/credit card on the secure payment gateway to pay the visa fee. This completes your Oman multiple-entry visa application.

Immigration Process for UAE Citizens' Oman Multiple Entry Visa

Here are the key steps UAE citizens will undergo at immigration when entering Oman on a multiple-entry visa:

Print Entry Permit:

Before traveling to Oman, print a copy of the entry permit you received via email after your multiple entry visa was approved. Carry this permit along for immigration clearance.

Proceed to Immigration:

On arriving at an Oman airport, head to the immigration counters. Present your passport, entry permit, and other documents to the immigration officer for inspection.

Verify Details Online:

The official will pull up your visa application made online to cross-check details like your name, passport number, visa validity, etc.

Biometrics and Passport Stamp:

Finally, your fingerprints are scanned and passport stamped by the immigration officer allowing you entry into Oman as a UAE citizen on your multiple entry visa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is an Oman multiple entry visa?

A1. It allows you to enter Oman multiple times within a 1 year validity period without having to reapply before each trip.

Q2. How long is the Oman multiple entry visa valid?

A2. The Oman multiple-entry visa is typically valid for 1 year from the date of issuance.

Q3. How many times can I enter Oman with a multiple-entry visa?

A3. There is no set limit on the number of times you can enter Oman with a multiple-entry visa.

Q4. How long can I stay in Oman per visit with this visa?

A4.Each visit with the Oman multiple entry visa allows a maximum stay of 30 days.

Q5. Can I apply for the Oman multiple entry visa online?

A5.Yes, GCC residents can apply online by visiting the Oman Visa Agency website.

Q6. What documents do I need to apply for the Oman multiple entry visa?

A6. Valid passport, passport photo, GCC residency proof, medical insurance, and bank statement showing sufficient funds.

Q7.How long does it take for the visa to get approved?

A7. Online visa approval takes approximately 3 to 5 business days once submitted.

Q8. Where should I apply - an Oman embassy or online?

A8. Online visa application is a faster and more convenient option for GCC citizens.

Q9. What is the application and approval process like?

A9. It involves completing the online form, document upload, payment, review, and receiving visa approval via email.

Q10. What is the fee for the Oman multiple entry visa?

A10. The Oman multi-entry visa fee varies but is generally around USD 100.

Q11. Can I extend the validity of my multiple-entry visa?

A11. No, the 1 year validity cannot be extended further with this type of visa.

Q12. Can I exit to another country and re-enter Oman on this visa?

A12. Yes, a visa allows re-entry from third countries within its validity.

Q13. Once issued, can I get a refund if unused?

A13. Unfortunately obtained visas cannot be cancelled for a refund.

Q14. Can I apply for an Oman visa on arrival or an e-visa instead?

A14. No, the multi-entry is a specific long-term visa with distinct eligibility.

Q15. Can I travel to Oman on a visit visa, then convert to a multi-entry visa?

A15. No, one must directly apply for the multi-entry visa beforehand.

Q16. Does this allow me to work temporarily in Oman?

A16. No, the multi-entry visa does not permit its holder to work in Oman.

Q17. As a UAE resident, am I eligible for this Oman visa?

A17. Yes, UAE residents can apply for the Oman multi-entry visa.

Q18. Does the validity remain 1 year if I don't utilize the visa soon after approval?

A18. Yes, the 1-year validity stays intact regardless of the first date of travel.

Q19. Can I enter and stay in Oman anywhere with this visa?

A19.Yes, Allows entry and stay across Oman within 30 days per visit limits.

Q20. Is there a way to expedite my Oman multi-entry visa application?

A20. Unfortunately, no expedited application process exists currently.

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