Your Business Passport to the Middle East: Inside the Oman Business Visa

Yes, tourism is one of Oman’s prominent selling points, but that does not mean that the business aspect of the world is untouched by Oman, and what do you know, there’s a visa dedicated to your business ventures in Oman- the Oman Business Visa.
If you want your visa process to be quick, easy, and affordable, this guide is your best friend. From outlining the important Oman business visa requirements to making the application process easy for you, we walk you through every step, to make sure you get a smooth and stress-free journey. Just have faith, scroll on read further, and leave the rest to

Oman Business Visa

An Oman business visa serves as your passport to productive commercial activities in the Sultanate if you are traveling for any of the following purposes:

In short, if you intend to actively engage with public sector bodies or private business entities based in Oman for mutually beneficial commercial collaborations, then obtaining an appropriate category of business visa in advance of travel is vital for smooth entry and compliance.
Oman offers huge potential for foreign companies looking to enter and set up their businesses in the new markets in the Gulf region. From tourism and transport to construction, energy, financial services, and specialized manufacturing, Oman is diversifying its economy based on a strategic blueprint called ‘Vision 2040’ with major projects and incentives aimed at attracting foreign investment and expertise across promising sectors.
The Oman Business visa sets the path straight for such business plans with potential. It grants senior personnel from registered enterprises overseas many privileges for up to 30 days to identify opportunities, network extensively, demonstrate products or services, contribute know-how and professional consulting, negotiate deals and sign agreements to grow business in Oman or access neighboring high-growth markets.

How to Apply for an Oman Business Visa

Obtaining an Oman business visa requires diligent preparation, compliance with documentation guidelines, and working with a reputable agency to facilitate stress-free approvals. Here are the key steps:

Eligibility for Oman Business Visa

Gaining eligibility for an Oman business visa requires meeting key thresholds regarding your credentials, travel insurance, character profile, and financial means.

Proof of Business Ownership and Purpose of Visit

You must be able to substantiate owning or holding a senior leadership role in a registered non-Omani company operational for at least 3 years. Paperwork validating incorporation status and business activities is required.
Additionally, the formal invitation letter from the sponsoring entity in Oman must clarify details like – the nature of planned business dealings, names of parties involved, and durations and locations of meetings, events, or trade conferences to attend.

Medical Insurance

Submitting proof of travel medical coverage from a reputed international insurance provider is mandatory when applying for a visa. The policy must have a minimum coverage of $100,000 and specifically mention validity for Oman. This protection is important in case some sort of medical emergency comes forth during your travel, and stay.

Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)

A recent PCC verifies that you have no criminal record, serious fines, convictions, or jail sentences in your home country or others lived in over the last 10 years. This background clearance certificate helps in building credibility for your character, building a stronger case for your visa application.

Sufficient Funds

With business visits involving significant investments of time and money in Oman, proof of financial means to sustain the entire trip duration becomes critical.
Be prepared to show a minimum of $100 per day for costs via the latest bank statements, verified by bank seals. Credit cards, forex, or travel currency cards specifically activated for Oman are also accepted.

Requirements Documents for Oman Business Visa

Business Visa Overview

The Oman business visa allows business travelers to enter the country for commercial work activities such as meetings, conferences, trade shows, negotiations, marketing, sales calls, etc.
It must be sponsored by an Omani company or entity that provides a formal invitation letter explaining the purpose and duration of the visit.
Business visas are issued as single entry, double entry, or multiple entry and are generally valid for use within 3 months from the date of issue.

Passport Requirements

Invitation Letter

Completed Visa Application Form

Passport Size Photographs

Proof of Return Travel

Hotel Reservations

Financial Capacity Evidence

Application Process

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