Oman in 10 Days: Planning the Perfect Short Break

Oman is a beautiful country that welcomes tourists with open arms. The best way to visit Oman is with a 10-day tourist visa. This special visa lets people visit Oman for up to 10 days. It is perfectly suited to your needs if your reason for visiting Oman is a short break from your usual life, for a much-deserved vacation.
The 10-day visa is for your travel and fun needs. You cannot work while visiting Oman with this visa. But, if we’re talking about this visitor’s pass, 10 days is more than enough to explore Oman, even in its full expanse! You can take a walk around the old Muscat city, camp under the star-filled nights in the desert, or take a day to tan and relax yourself on Oman’s beaches.
This is your guide to the 10-day tourist visa. The application process is smooth, you need minimal paperwork, your passport guidelines, and a guide to traveling Oman in style and culture is all you need in addition to knowing about the 10-day tourist visa to Oman.
The only thing you’ll have to do after this is, book your tickets and board the flight with your trendiest outfit in flare. Your 10 Day Trip to Oman starts here!

Documents Needed for 10 Day Oman Tourist Visa

To apply for the 10-day visa, you need:

Important Information About the 10-Day Tourist Visa to Oman

Who Can Apply for the 10-Day Oman Tourist Visa

The 10-day tourist visa is for people who:

Cost of the 10-Day Oman Tourist Visa

How to Apply for the 10-Day Oman Tourist Visa

Tips for Your 10-Day Trip to Oman

Book Accommodation and Flights Early

Work with a realistic itinerary, keep time slots and gaps so that you have room for changes

Pack Lightweight, Modest Attire

Carry Confirmations When Traveling

Note Down Emergency Contacts

Respect Local Culture and Dress Code

Enjoy the Local Cuisine

Oman welcomes you with natural wonders, rich culture, and warm hospitality if you choose to visit with a 10-day tourist visa. The online application process is easy and approval happens fast. Follow all visa guidelines for a smooth entry and safe stay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the 10-day Oman tourist visa?

A1. The 10-day Oman tourist visa is a special short-term tourist visa that allows foreign nationals to enter Oman for tourism purposes only and stay up to 10 days.

Q2. Who can apply for a 10-day tourist visa for Oman?

A2. Anyone with a valid passport looking to visit Oman for tourism like sightseeing, leisure, or visiting family can apply as long as they have proof of accommodation and sufficient funds for their trip.

Q3. For how long is the 10-day tourist visa for Oman valid?

A3. The 10-day Oman tourist eVisa once approved is valid for a period of 1 month from the date of issuance. You must enter Oman before the expiration of this validity period.

Q4. Can I extend my stay in Oman after getting a 10-day tourist visa?

A4. No, the permitted 10-day stay cannot be extended with this visa category. You must exit Oman by the date stipulated and reapply afresh for longer stays. If you overstay, you may have to pay a penalty.

Q5. Is there a fee for the 10-day tourist visa for Oman?

A5. Yes, the 10-day tourist visa fee for Oman is approximately 20 Omani Rials paid securely through the online visa portal. You may have to pay additional service charges.

Q6. What documents do I need to apply for the 10-day Oman tourist visa?

A6. You need clear passport copies, confirmed hotel booking, 2 passport photos, confirmed flight tickets in and out of Oman, and a bank statement to show you can fund your trip.

Q7. How long is the processing time for the 10-day tourist visa?

A7. Online applications are processed and approved within approximately 5 working days from the date of submission. The eVisa is emailed to you.

Q8. Can I enter Oman multiple times with a 10-day tourist visa?

A8. No, the 10-day tourist visa for Oman permits only a single entry within its 1-month validity. You cannot exit and re-enter Oman with the same visa.

Q9. Where do I need to apply for a visa to Oman?

A9. You can conveniently apply online on the Royal Oman Police eVisa website or through authorized visa agencies. In some countries embassies also accept applications.

Q10. Can I work in Oman on a 10-day tourist visa?

A10. Employment and any sort of revenue-generating activities are strictly prohibited with a tourist visa. Engaging in unauthorized work can lead to deportation and a ban.

Q11. Can I drive in Oman with a 10-day tourist visa?

A11. Renting and driving vehicles by tourists is allowed in Oman with a valid International Driving Permit along with a 10-day tourist visa.

Q12. Is Oman visa on arrival available?

A12. Unfortunately, Oman does not offer visas on arrival to tourists. You must apply beforehand online based on eligibility for tourist, business, or sponsored family visas.

Q12. Do I need travel insurance to visit Oman?

A12. Purchasing travel medical insurance with emergency evacuation coverage for your Oman trip duration is strongly advised though not mandated.

Q13. Is a COVID-19 vaccine certificate needed for an Oman tourist visa?

A13. As of 2023, Oman does not require international tourists to present COVID-19 vaccination certificates for short-term visa approval.

Q14. Can a visa application be made on arrival in Oman?

A14. There is no facility currently to apply for any category of visa on your arrival in Oman. Pre-approval is mandatory through legitimate online channels.

Q15. Does the 10-day tourist visa have age limits for children?

A15. Yes, infants under the age of 2 can enter visa-free. Children between 2-16 require a tourist visa - charges may be lower. The above 16 are counted as adults.

Q16. Which currency is best to carry for Oman?

A16. Oman's currency is the Omani Rial (OMR). Carry mostly OMR cash for ease of transactions. Have some USD or popular foreign currency as a backup. ATMs are available.

Q17. People with passports from Israel and Palestine are allowed to apply for the visa or not?

A17. Currently, those carrying passports issued by Palestine or Israeli authorities cannot apply for Oman tourist visas of any duration online or on arrival.

Q18. Is safe public transport available if I want to travel in Oman that way?

A18. Yes, you can use public buses, shared taxis, and domestic flights between main cities. Rental cars are also easily available if you feel like driving yourself around.

Q19. What is the process if my passport or documents are incorrect?

A19. Unfortunately, with an incorrect passport number or expiry date, your application may get rejected. You will have to reapply with the right information and documents for your application to be considered again.

Q20. What type of accommodation should I book in Oman for a 10-day holiday?

A20. Oman has a wide range of hotels, beach resorts, cottages, Bedouin desert camps, and serviced apartments to suit all budgets and itineraries. Choose based on your interests, budget, and tour plan.

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