30-Days in Oman: The Visa That Lets You Explore Oman for a Month!

Oman is your very own up-and-coming tourist destination in the Middle East. Its heritage, culture, tourism, and warm hospitality are all unmatched. But to get there, you do need a Visa, and what better than a 30-day Oman tourist visa from omanvisa.org, easily, within just a few steps (it’s also way easier than you think.)
There are no shortcuts to getting your 30-day visa, but to be fair, the process is pretty short. The price is optimal, and we’re here to guide you step-by-step, starting from the required documents, fees, and processing times.

What is the 30-day Oman Tourist Visa?

The 30-day Oman tourist visa is an easy online e-visa that enables short-term travel to Oman. It is valid for a single entry and allows you to stay in Oman for up to 30 consecutive days.
This single-entry visa allows you to visit to explore tourism and visiting purposes only. Business visits require a separate visa.
With an approval rate of over 95%, this convenient e-visa platform makes securing a tourist visa for Oman simple and straightforward.

30 days are the adequate time period that will let you enjoy the experience of being a tourist and a local in Oman because in 30 days, you can learn a lot about the Omani ways and traditions.
With the required documents in hand, you can complete the entire visa application online in just 10-15 minutes!

Documents Requirements For 30 Days Oman Tourist Visa

When applying for the 30-day Oman tourist visa, you need to have these documents ready to submit:

Meeting the above visa requirements is required for your 30-day Oman tourist visa approval. Make sure to check all specifications to avoid delays or rejections.
Submit scanned copies of all documents while filling out the e-Visa application form. Do make sure to carry the originals to show to immigration officers on arrival.

Important Information Related to the 30-Day Oman Visa

Below are the key details you should know about the 30-day tourist visa for Oman:

Eligibility for 30 Days Oman Tourist Visa

Citizens of 67 countries can easily obtain the 30-day Oman e-Visa for tourism purposes. Some key eligible nationalities are:

But, to be eligible you must also meet these criteria:

Ineligible nationalities have to get traditional pre-approved visas instead of the e-Visa. So, check if your country qualifies before applying online.

Cost of 30 Days Oman Tourist Visa

The 30-day Oman tourist e-visa fees are:

So, the budget comes down to approximately $110 to $130 depending on selected options.
The fees are per person and must be paid online by credit/debit card or net banking at the time of e-Visa application submission.
No refund is allowed if your application gets canceled or rejected later for any reason.

How to Apply for 30 Days Oman Tourist Visa

Follow these steps to apply for the 30-day single-entry tourist visa for Oman:

Important Information About the 30 Days Oman Visa

Here are some details to keep in mind about your Oman tourist visa:

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